Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old West 4: Merch, Three Spot, Pete's, Store, Bart's, Newspaper

“Did my order of gingham come in ?“, Mrs. Potts asks the shop owner as a customer approaches the Three Spot saloon. Others go about their daily business.

Astor Clement arranges a freight pickup with Pete while two dogs get to know each other… yet again. Mrs. Poortack does a bit of shopping next door.

Bart’s is quite a popular place. Next to it a reporter gets a report from a member of the Ladies League that notorious outlaw Billy Poyzin has been seen in the area.
NEXT: More in town.
“So dumb he couldn’t teach a hen to cluck.”


  1. Wow, those are nice buildings. Are those kits or scratch built?

    1. Wow! I only posted this three microseconds ago! Were you waiting in ambush? 8) (I wear glasses)
      All are scratch built like the barn, although Grandt Line doors/windows were used on the stores. -d.

  2. Very nice indeed!

    Just the right level of colour without being garish, nice sign-writing and lots of character. I'm impressed!