Friday, October 24, 2014

Derelict Building 3: Overhead Interior Views

The finished third and second floor inserts. They had to be individually made to line up with their corresponding door openings. Added terrain scatter using wood bits and accessories. Dirt debris is Vermiculite. Thinned matte medium was then painted on to seal everything and "dust" was quickly sprinkled on (I milled some Vermiculite in an old coffee grinder). Finally, a watered down coat of gray was painted on for more aging.

The inside of the building was painted a neutral Gray, then given a heavy charcoal wash (blotted with tissue) and drybrushed a neutral gray/Barnwood mix. Hirst Dirt was scrubbed on where each floor insert meets its walls.  

Finished inserts from above:

Attic and barn upper storage.

Second floor.

First floor.

Ground floor. Difficult to reach down 150mm to get at that figure coming in the front door. Was I able to solve the problem when I put the building together and glued it to the base?

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Derelict Building 2: Construction

The basic construction was the same as Chumley's so I'll just highlight a few things.
I cut out the shell pieces, decided on opening windows and doors. Added timbering as well as a semi-destroyed section (see METHODS: Walls 3), which was then sprayed gray.

Rest of the outside of the building was primed flat black. I temporarily taped everything together to get an idea of what it would look like. Hmmmm…. the bottom (rear) end has 9mm inside clearance but the far (front) end has only has 4.5mm clearance. Methinks this is going to be a major problem for gamer fingers to get into.

Gray spackle added to outside (METHODS: Spackling) and final exterior colors were painted.

THE ROOF: Cut the pieces, adding damage holes. On the underside I added some vertical rafters…
…then flipped the pieces over and added thin strips so when I glue on the horizontal cross battens they'll be at the right level.
Battens added as well as most of the shingles. Trimmed the shingles, painted the battens, connected the two roof pieces together and weathered the whole thing (no photo).
For stair supports I nailed some MDF pieces together and cut them out. I cut door openings and/or other cuts to each as I went along.
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Derelict Building 1: A Quick Tour

This building ended up being quite challenging and frustrating at times. The design started out as just a narrow single story long building but then I got "creative", making it derelict, adding multiple floors, and a "notched" end. Anyway, let's take a little walk around it, shall we?

Overall view. All of the doors and windows open (see METHODS: Hinges 1, slightly updated Hinges 2, and Hinges 3).

Left side.

Under the left side balcony (behind the lower figure) is a door that leads into the barn area.

The front. It doesn't really tilt, just my mediocre photography.
The right side.

The rear. The brickwork is covered in Methods: Walls 1.

Top view (main door on left end)

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