Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SciFi 6mm Project 3: Smaller buildings

All of these are IO blocks. The two on the right have 3D Geo shapes on top. I cut a doorway into the one on the far left.

Finished. The windows are tiny 4mm flat-sided jewels. Lower left building has a barrel from my bits box cut in half on its roof.

Building on the left is made from 3D Geo pieces. The one on the right is made from 3D Geo cylinders/split balls glued to an IO piece center.

IO blocks. Like all of the pieces I added a bit of weathering to keep it from looking to brand new and sparkly.

My favorite building. MDF walls and roof. Wood strip corners. Bonus Points if you can figure out what the other two walls look like, keeping in mind who this project is for.

Future. Although I didn't use any of these mini IO blocks the Professor (who is 28mm scale) thinks they could be made into some cool equipment... or 2mm structures... or 28mm graveyard pieces. Hmmmmm...

That's the end of this project! Wonder what I'll make next... maybe a Corebrillic Infron Stabilizer (the newer THS Model, of course), a Nollan Persephonic Unit with Marieifiation Overwatch 5024, a customized Cryptic Holomodule, a tripolymer Rehtse Drive with Boxic options, a primary techtrical accelerator, a tall displacement resonator, a typical Randit endotronic abstraction, the newly developed oxial disonator, a clietic common bio-omniproxinator, a biroomniproxinator, a Darkon-Matrix Genoseden Metaphasic Protactor... so many fun choices!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SciFi 6mm Project 2: Construction and Large Buildings

Some ideas I got from the Internet. Some I came up with by fiddling around with the shapes. A bonus is most of the pieces can be used in larger scale games (= multi-purpose!).

Some selected examples...

These two towers are made from Pegasus kits. The left one is 150mm tall (!). Right only has brass rods with beads added on top.

Another Pegasus tower with brass rods, beads, Lego parts and a speaker from a greeting card that had audio.

A stack of tape spools with a bottle cap, some piping and a Lego vent. The unit goes inside the Pegasus tower. The little red thing at the base of the tower gives me an idea of what a 6mm figure would look like next to it.

The stand on the right is also Pegasus parts. The radar base sitting on its top is from inside a dental floss container with Lego pieces attached (including the huge wheel). The assembly isn't glued to the stand so it can be swapped out as need be.

Next we have...
Unpainted equipment. Far left is a 3DGeo square with Lego and misc bits. Center is a Super Glue Gel cap glued on the cap of a Sharpie marker. Next to it is a 3D Geo cylinder with a slice of printer paper tape spool and Lego pieces glued on. Far right is another Pegasus parts base. On its roof is a 3D Geo rectangular block on the left with Lego and misc parts, a Super Glue Gel cap, a resin box in the corner, and 3D Geo cylinder with split ball ends for the raised tank.

Unpainted. Tape spool cut in half, ends glued on, then both glued to an IO Block. On the ends are more Lego pieces and a couple of small round beads, I later added a Lego Bionicle piece on top.

Finished pieces. Tank/base, radar, stack of tape spools, and raised platform in the center made from LaQ and Uberstix pieces. I picture some oh-so-important Bigshot Muckymuck standing on it, pontificating how important he and his ideas are while all the listeners wonder when his verbal rattling is going to finally be over so they can visit the snack bar and go home.

More equipment. Piece in front has a hair curler over two electric toothbrush bits (I think) and a slice of a printer paper roll. The unit goes inside the building, which is made from mattboard with Lego and other pieces glued on its removable roof.

NEXT: Other buildings.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

SciFi 6mm Project 1: Intro and Shapes

Good friend Thomas Foss http://skullandcrown.blogspot.com asked me to make some 6mm terrain for Adeptus Titanicus games. Here's what I came up with...

Towers, buildings, and equipment.

I used all kinds of shapes to build upon...

Pegasus hobby kits...

From Oriental Trading...

IO BLOCKS. Each is 38mm.

3D GEOMETRIC SHAPES ("3D Geo"), all about 25mm. Hollow and it didn't take much to cut/pry them apart. The ball, for example, split into two equal halves.


From eBay...


UBERSTIX. 115mm sticks and 15mm rings.

Also LEGOS (endless shapes and sizes. Great for detailing) and MISCELLANEOUS BITS from my bits boxes.