Sunday, July 29, 2012

French Building 3: Signs and Interior.

Looks like The Rogue has more than one visitor. All of the signs were made in Inkscape and are temporarily blu-tacked on. This main sign has a craft store Fleur-de-Lis glued on it. Dwarfs from GW and West Wind. Gnomes are by Brigade Games.

Grand-pere prepares to make a delivery. Or maybe he’s arriving with some new goods. I don’t know, he wouldn't tell me. You know how he is.

A new discovery is celebrated.

Upper floor is removable…

The rug is from a catalog. A dollhouse table is glued to the floor to act as a handle to lift the floor out. Details then added.

Trick or Treat! Figures from Brigade Games. 
That’s it for this little project!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

French Building 2: Construction

The building shell was made the same way as the Seaside Cottage (with texture paint blobbed on).

Roof pieces were beveled along the mating edges for a stronger fit when glued together. Once dry, the roof was carefully turned over and small, round dowels were glued in on the underside at the corners for more strength (you can just see the end of one at the top). A plate was made for the bottom, which was beveled and glued in place along with very short dowel pegs at the underside corners so the roof won’t slide around.

Card shingles were made ala the HG Walls method. The chimney was made from LINKA castings.
The building’s terrace has been added in the back…

As well as a side staircase. A couple of additional horizontal wood railings were finally added (see finished building) and everything was then painted and detailed. Prepainted doors, window inserts and platform goods were glued in place (the goods were made from craft store barrels and HIRST castings… see finished building).

Inside view of the working front door with its simple slide lock. A little visitor would like to know if Mr. Price can come out and play.

Next: Glamour shots.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

French Building 1: Finished Views

Here’s a French inspired building I made for friend Gary Price, who’s working on a Super Duper Extra Double Deluxe Top Secret Project.

The front and side. The front door opens.

The side and rear with its terrace.

The other side… and rear.

Next: How it was made.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old West 10: Bad Beans

Something different! These last photos are of Nightmare, the town for a zombie scenario we never got to called “Bad Beans”. The game begins with each player placing his leader figure prone around a large tree in the center of the table. The only other figures and scenery are a few cows roaming nearby. The idea was that our heroes had all just bedded down after a long day herding cattle…

Once figures are placed, the tree and cattle are removed and Nightmare is placed encircling them. Surprise!! Zombies are then placed near the buildings, intent on killing our heroes by shooting them and in combat. Play begins: Players can’t harm each other or leave the town (if they try, the figure is moved 2D6 inches in a random direction within town… could end up in the open or in close combat). At first, the GM runs all the zombies but as heroes die, their players help run them. Zombies are continually recycled from the town’s edge as they die. Players gather points for killing zombies. Play continues until a single hero remains, then the town is immediately replaced by the tree and the cattle. Player figures are reset where they began and the GM stands the lone survivor up, announcing “WHEW! What a nightmare! Musta been bad beans we et for supper.” No one was really harmed after all… ‘ceptin’ the zombies, I ‘spose. Game over, points tallied, prizes, trophies, awards, and custom t-shirts handed out, everyone congratulates each other for a game well played. The End.

“guRGlE gURgLe BWAINS gurGLe!”

Well, buckaroos, that’s the end of my Old West round-up. Hope y’all had a nice ride. Hmmmm, what next…. probably should do some chores around here afore Ma hauls me out to the woodshed.

By the way, all of the other ending quotes are from COWBOY SLANG by Frosty Potter.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old West 9: Boxing Ring. City Block. Interiors. Rugged Country

“Place yore bets, folks, place yore bets.” Lots of cash is wagered but members of the Ladies League are not impressed.

Another of my favorite pieces, a boxing ring, this one made by good friend Harry Womelsdorf. Man, I’ve got some talented, generous friends! This and the previous Boot Hill are treasures I’ll cherish forever.

“Why’s it takin’ so long?”, everyone wonders about the city block I never made a roof for. Maybe someday.

“These lines are intolerable!“ complains a patron. One of two interiors I made for inside action. Moveable inside walls.

For those interested, the Free Toaster is a stick.

“Drinks are on me, boys!” announces a newly rich miner.

Both of these interiors have fabric spray-glued to the walls and all of the furniture is moveable.

“Me and the boys were peaceably riding through the canyons up north on our way to weekly bible class when we was bushwhacked all of a suddenlike by some yella-bellied, mangy polecats!” At least that’s what was reported when the survivors returned to town. Of course, their enemies reported the exact same story.

Wallboard was cut up with a jigsaw and the pieces were scraped along their sides with a very heavy metal brush. They were then were glued together, had sand glued on, and painted to go with the mat.
NEXT: Skinny, ugly guys who don’t shoot none too well.

“Ridin’ a trail that would make a mountain goat nervous.”