Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old West 10: Bad Beans

Something different! These last photos are of Nightmare, the town for a zombie scenario we never got to called “Bad Beans”. The game begins with each player placing his leader figure prone around a large tree in the center of the table. The only other figures and scenery are a few cows roaming nearby. The idea was that our heroes had all just bedded down after a long day herding cattle…

Once figures are placed, the tree and cattle are removed and Nightmare is placed encircling them. Surprise!! Zombies are then placed near the buildings, intent on killing our heroes by shooting them and in combat. Play begins: Players can’t harm each other or leave the town (if they try, the figure is moved 2D6 inches in a random direction within town… could end up in the open or in close combat). At first, the GM runs all the zombies but as heroes die, their players help run them. Zombies are continually recycled from the town’s edge as they die. Players gather points for killing zombies. Play continues until a single hero remains, then the town is immediately replaced by the tree and the cattle. Player figures are reset where they began and the GM stands the lone survivor up, announcing “WHEW! What a nightmare! Musta been bad beans we et for supper.” No one was really harmed after all… ‘ceptin’ the zombies, I ‘spose. Game over, points tallied, prizes, trophies, awards, and custom t-shirts handed out, everyone congratulates each other for a game well played. The End.

“guRGlE gURgLe BWAINS gurGLe!”

Well, buckaroos, that’s the end of my Old West round-up. Hope y’all had a nice ride. Hmmmm, what next…. probably should do some chores around here afore Ma hauls me out to the woodshed.

By the way, all of the other ending quotes are from COWBOY SLANG by Frosty Potter.


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    1. Thanks! Could easily be modified for just about any era you'd like, too. -d.