Sunday, July 22, 2012

French Building 2: Construction

The building shell was made the same way as the Seaside Cottage (with texture paint blobbed on).

Roof pieces were beveled along the mating edges for a stronger fit when glued together. Once dry, the roof was carefully turned over and small, round dowels were glued in on the underside at the corners for more strength (you can just see the end of one at the top). A plate was made for the bottom, which was beveled and glued in place along with very short dowel pegs at the underside corners so the roof won’t slide around.

Card shingles were made ala the HG Walls method. The chimney was made from LINKA castings.
The building’s terrace has been added in the back…

As well as a side staircase. A couple of additional horizontal wood railings were finally added (see finished building) and everything was then painted and detailed. Prepainted doors, window inserts and platform goods were glued in place (the goods were made from craft store barrels and HIRST castings… see finished building).

Inside view of the working front door with its simple slide lock. A little visitor would like to know if Mr. Price can come out and play.

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  1. Can you give more details of the prepainted doors and 'window inserts'.

    1. Sure! The doors are simply balsa. I had premade and painted a bunch in different colors (see Details 2 post) and used them to size the door frames. For the window inserts I did one of each type (4, 6, 8, 16 panes)in MS PAINT first, then copied/pasted each into INKSCAPE, where I was able to easily pull and stretch each to whatever size I needed (unlike in PAINT!) I then copied/pasted up a whole sheet's worth of a variety of each, and printed out the sheet, cut 'em out and all done! AND I've got plenty for future projects. Hope this was clear. -d.

    2. Oh I see, I thought you had made the window out of some kind of mesh, I didnt realise it was a 'print out'. It fools the eye and looks effective.

    3. Thanks, again. If I made buildings that were scale models or for a model railroad layout I'd put a lot more effort into them. But my goal is easy, inexpensive to make stuff that looks fine on the tabletop. -d.

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    1. Beautiful stuff on your blog, Carletto! Thanks! -d.