Friday, April 18, 2014

Large Euro Barn 4: The Finale

The action continues…

Mister Ree confronts Higby Bunko, unaware another thug approaches from behind. But Our Hero escapes… for the moment.

Director Priess goes over the upcoming tack room scene with his cameraman.

Tack room "door" is simply a rug photo from a catalog. The catwalks are permanent but the loft's center floor and tack room ceiling are removable.

Gareth goes over a scene with Toots Shreeker and Martin Blatherson (who plays Higby Bunko).

All of these bits and more were made using Hirst Arts molds #57, 58, 59, and 85.

Non-Hirst. Craft barrels, plastic chair, woodpile from a dowel (DETAILS 2) and homemade stool.

The final action scene takes place near the horse stalls. Mister Ree defeats the villains once again and…
MDF stalls were cut, painted and glued in place.

… the police finally show up, arrest the thugs, and release Patty Melt. Unfortunately, Higby Bunko manages to escape and speed away but fear not, Mister Ree is hot on his tail. THE END.     Or is it?

FILMCO STUDIOS would like to graciously thank Biff Liftim and crew of The Roof Removal and Helicopter Company for their arduous work during the overhead photography sessions of this film.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Large Euro Barn 3: A Thrill a Minute

Heiress Patty Melt has temporarily escaped the clutches of lead villain Higby Bunko and hidden in a corner of the loft.
Gareth Priess discusses her upcoming love scene with Cheeselips the Rat (enthusiastically played by Mickey Squeekers). Immediately after the discussion, actress Toots Shreeker (Patty Melt) required a costume change.

Outside, Hero Mister Ree arrives in his Reemobile…
(A Corgi '30 Batmobile)

…climbs through a loft door searching for Patty Melt…

…but encounters a couple of thugs instead, who are handily defeated during the fight scene.

A quick lunch break is taken during which actress Toots Shreeker (Patty Melt) and actor Neal Down (Truman Gadfly/Mister Ree) take part in a short promotional film.

Barn and loft doors were made and attached (Hinges 2). Handles are wire glued to small bits of wood.

Mickey Squeekers celebrates his scene. Unfortunately the editors had to cut his performance from the film, deeming it too risqué for sensitive tastes.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Large Euro Barn 2: Shutters and Texture

Now let's talk about the barn's construction…

The barn's walls and ends have already been cut out but the window shutters were made BEFORE the walls/ends  were glued together (Hinges 3). First, I made a bunch of identical 5/8"x5/8" shutters on this jig. I decided to use long pins to lock them to the wall...

Next, a second jig with an outline of the shutter and a 1/2"x1/2" "plug". (The hole serves no purpose).
Plug glued onto the jig.

Before the walls were glued together I cut out 1/2"x1/2" holes where the shutters were to be, plugged in the second jig and drilled the pin holes.

On the inside trenches were ground out with a Dremel tool.

Now the walls/ends were glued together. Glued some individual card bricks on the outside here and there as well as around the barn door arch, then textured and painted the outside of the barn.
After cleaning out the pin holes, the finished shutters were inserted from the outside, their pins cut and bent into the trenches.
Trenches filled with wood putty. The inside walls were textured and painted (but no random bricks). TA DAA! The shutters aren't going to pull out from use!

The floor was cut to fit, wheel marks near door area were filed and scraped in. Floor was then sprayed painted tan and hay color was splattered on. 

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Large Euro Barn 1: The Filming Begins

Note this series had to be split into four posts for continuity, some longer than others

Director Gareth Priess extolls the use of an old European barn in the final reel of his latest epic, "The Missing Heiress", with the film's producers*. "Gentlemen, as you know, at this point in our story Patty Melt has been abducted. I think you will all agree that this beautiful old barn will be the perfect location for our villains to be holding her until our hero arrives to save the day!"

The barn is made using methods similar to the Chumley's and Seaside Cottage posts so I'll just point out anything special. Figures are from Pulp Figures, Brigade Games, and Copplestone. Vehicles are Solido, Tins' Toys, and Eligor.

*Furthermore, it is noted that Mr. Priess and the producers feel the barn would make an excellent location for an upcoming musketeer action movie.

The hoist at the end is a bead suspended from a wire. Its details like these that bring a building alive and make it unique.

Director Priess discusses upcoming scenes with his cast.

 The open shed is not attached to the building so it can be relocated as need be. It has a removable roof, as does the barn.

Chimney is made of two flat-sided beads glued together with pieces of styrene

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