Thursday, April 10, 2014

Large Euro Barn 1: The Filming Begins

Note this series had to be split into four posts for continuity, some longer than others

Director Gareth Priess extolls the use of an old European barn in the final reel of his latest epic, "The Missing Heiress", with the film's producers*. "Gentlemen, as you know, at this point in our story Patty Melt has been abducted. I think you will all agree that this beautiful old barn will be the perfect location for our villains to be holding her until our hero arrives to save the day!"

The barn is made using methods similar to the Chumley's and Seaside Cottage posts so I'll just point out anything special. Figures are from Pulp Figures, Brigade Games, and Copplestone. Vehicles are Solido, Tins' Toys, and Eligor.

*Furthermore, it is noted that Mr. Priess and the producers feel the barn would make an excellent location for an upcoming musketeer action movie.

The hoist at the end is a bead suspended from a wire. Its details like these that bring a building alive and make it unique.

Director Priess discusses upcoming scenes with his cast.

 The open shed is not attached to the building so it can be relocated as need be. It has a removable roof, as does the barn.

Chimney is made of two flat-sided beads glued together with pieces of styrene

------ NEXT: Construction begins ------ 



  1. Hello, Darrel,

    A really nice work! I follow your blog and I think may you can put a "Google +" box at your blog, so I and other followers will can share your work.

    All the best and greetings from Brazil!


    1. Thank you! "Google +" eh? I'll check it out. -d.

  2. Gorgeous stuff as always. Nice to see you posting again, Darrell. I've recently been using the Dark Ages thatched longhouse you sold me at Pacificon as part of a Japanese village for skirmishes.

    1. Thanks, Ed! Glad the building worked out in your game. -d.