Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quar 15.1: Basic Room Box

I used MDF for the room boxes. Here’s six of the nine I’ll need along with my sample. S’hard patrols the area for spies.

Since they’re all going to be white I decided to clad them in white mat board for a very uniform surface instead of simply painting them white. First, I glued on oversized pieces on two opposite sides and let dry…

Then trimmed the excess mat board with scissors, using the box’s edge to run the blade along. Any ragged edges were cleaned up with a sandpaper block. I then glued and trimmed the remaining four surfaces in the same manor.

Inspector S’hard checks out the finished white boxes. I flipped the boxes around until I decided which surface would be the top, then marked the side corners black. Stay tuned for why.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quar 15.0: Project Intro

My friend Stanley Stinnett and buds from the South Bay Gaming Club (in Northern California) are gathering troops for 15mm Quar battles and he asked me to make three farmhouse mounds for scenery.

The Quar are basically standing anteaters that are at a WW1-ish tech level. For some cool photos/drawings of Quar (mostly 28mm) as well as a great little film of them in action and other neato stuff, visit:

Here’s a photo of a figure Stanley sent me. I named him Inspector S’hard and he’s decked out in his spiffy new silver anti-cootie suit. He’s only a half inch tall so I’m going to have to shrink my brain down even smaller than it usually is to be able to work with him.

I got some excellent resource material for Quar housing at:

Here’s a great piece of artwork of a typical Quar farmhouse. They live underground and build a huge mound that grows as the family grows from generation to generation. Eventually they add boxy rooms to the outside for even more space.

I made a sample and sent this photo to Stanley. He was quite pleased, as is our little Inspector. With these necessary approvals, the project begins.