Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hinges 3: Wrap Around Bead and more examples

A hatch door with beads with wire slipped through and bent/cut.

Beads Super Glued to the hatch. Card straps glued to one side, wrapped around the beads, and glued to other side. Straps painted.

Door frame drilled for hinge pins which are then Super Glued in place.

Hatch opens all the way.

A 1/16” thin door with wood straps. Its card hinges were tightly wrapped around the beading tool for a slightly different look when closed.

Mrs. Squeeky welcomes members of the weekly cheese tasting club. The handle is a painted Vintaj Nail Head Rivet 968933.

The only thing notable is the pins are only partly connected to the jamb. The lower parts have been cut off.

Funky hinge shapes and a sliding catch (beads/wire again, with a jump ring handle).

Weird hinge, bead/wire electricals, Hirst Arts castings, and a hasty retreat out the back door.