Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scroll Saw Jigs 2: Adjust-O-Matic jig, Pattern

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Hello, it’s your friend Joey Wheazilwords here with the most significant and innovative work saver of all time!
Are you tired of having to use the same old pre-set scroll saw jig each and every time you need to make an end piece for one of your spectacular buildings? Do you have the burning desire to make an end piece with a different roof peak angle, one that stands out head and shoulders above the crowd? Well, friends, I’m here to tell you the answer to all of your prayers has finally been answered and is here NOW!
The BuildCo Fully Adjustable Adjust-O-Matic Scroll Saw Fixture is just what YOU need to enhance your charisma and astound your friends and family alike! Hand-crafted with the greatest of care by hand-picked, hard-working folks just like you and I, its incredible versatility will minimize disbenefits while increasing your marvelificentness!
Why, just take a look at these breathtaking features! Exclusive pivoting swing arm! A stop that accommodates endless custom settings! It’s all here!

Just LOOK at that quality! This Super-Deluxe version is made of the finest super-strong MDF available and special hardware that far exceeds industry standards in all respects.

Just LOOK at how easy it is to use! Infinitely flexible! All you have to do is loosen the wing nut, “plug in” the pattern of your choice, adjust the stop and clamp it and you‘re ready to cut as many end pieces as you’d like, rest assured that they’ll all be perfectly matched! It’s easier than mixing a box of mixed biscuits with a boxed biscuit mixer!


BONUS! Order right now and we’ll include a brand new BuildCo Way-Cool Pattern-O-Matic at NO additional cost!* Made of sturdy, long-lasting mat board, it’s fully adjustable for 1, 2 or 3 levels. Why, this little gem is packed with clinical-strength goodness and will save you countless HOURS of hurtful toil and drudgery as well as help bring about World Peace and much needed Calm to Our Universe during these troubled times.

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*additional shipping and handling charges apply. Not FDA approved. Not to be used by unsupervised children under the age of 10.

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The photos are pretty much self-explanatory but here are some notes for when you make your version.
- The under rail is glued to the underside of the MDF ½” or so farther from the saw blade than needed. When dry, run the jig along the scroll saw table edge to get the finished width.
- If I had thought of it I would have drilled the bolt hole a little smaller than the bolt, then screwed the bolt through it from the underside and attached the wing nut/washer. The imbedded nut on the underside wouldn’t have been needed.
- To cut the adjustable pivot arm’s slot I drilled holes at each end, cut out the slot using a Dremel saw blade and filed the opening for bolt clearance. I could have cut the slot using the scroll saw I ‘spose.
- I could have used a smaller fender washer but it’s what I had handy so I cut off the excess using a Dremel/cut-off disc. Now I can use the jig for cutting pieces that are thicker than 1/8” MDF if I ever decide to.
- The pattern is hinged at two inch increments ‘cause that’s how tall my standard walls are. The hinges are masking tape. In the example the bottom level has been folded out of the way for a 2-story.
- Using the jig is easy: Set it, remove the pattern, insert your material (precut to the correct width), then run the jig along the edge of your scroll saw and cut away. Flip your material over and repeat the cut. TA DA! I usually make ends in pairs.