Saturday, October 18, 2014

Derelict Building 2: Construction

The basic construction was the same as Chumley's so I'll just highlight a few things.
I cut out the shell pieces, decided on opening windows and doors. Added timbering as well as a semi-destroyed section (see METHODS: Walls 3), which was then sprayed gray.

Rest of the outside of the building was primed flat black. I temporarily taped everything together to get an idea of what it would look like. Hmmmm…. the bottom (rear) end has 9mm inside clearance but the far (front) end has only has 4.5mm clearance. Methinks this is going to be a major problem for gamer fingers to get into.

Gray spackle added to outside (METHODS: Spackling) and final exterior colors were painted.

THE ROOF: Cut the pieces, adding damage holes. On the underside I added some vertical rafters…
…then flipped the pieces over and added thin strips so when I glue on the horizontal cross battens they'll be at the right level.
Battens added as well as most of the shingles. Trimmed the shingles, painted the battens, connected the two roof pieces together and weathered the whole thing (no photo).
For stair supports I nailed some MDF pieces together and cut them out. I cut door openings and/or other cuts to each as I went along.
NEXT: Overhead views of the floors.



  1. Thanks for the tips etc! Going to have to make use of these.

    1. Glad you can make use of them. Now go make something cool! -d.

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