Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old West 3: Red Eye Saloon

The next building I made was the ol’ Red Eye Saloon. Made the same way as the barn but used Grandt Line plastic windows and doors. The town buildings I made were painted a dirty tan on three sides with the fronts a bit more colorful. It’s one of a very few that has a finished interior (well, kinda)…

After a hard day, patrons enjoy being out of the heat.
1950’s, 1960’s TV WESTERNS (left to right)
Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster (“Sugarfoot”)
Peter Brown as Deputy Johnny McKay (“Lawman”)
Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick (“Maverick”)
Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne (“Bronco”)
James Garner as Bret Maverick (“Maverick”)
Wade Preston as Christopher Colt (“Colt .45”)
John Russell as Marshal Dan Troop (“Lawman”)
“As useless as a four-card flush.”


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Quite simple, actually. The tables are wooden discs glued to wooden spools (both from the ol' craft store), then blue-tacked to the floor. In the future you'll see an improvement: Round discs-spool-square discs so I don't have to blue-tack 'em down and reversibility.
      The bar is just scribed basswood sheet and the piano and goods behind the bartender are Frontline (I think).
      To ME it just looks ok and needs more on the walls.

  2. Damm, I may have to copy your work on the buildings. I was thinking of buying some laser cut but your making me reconsider.

    1. MAKE YOUR OWN! Waaaay cheaper than laser cut kits. If you have access to a scroll or table saw, use 1/8" MDF covered with scribed siding. If not, use mat board cut with a utility knife like I did. But don't just cut out a single building's worth, cut a bunch of parts all at the same time so you can make a whole town. Your friends will be envious.

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