Sunday, May 6, 2012

Old West 1: The Campaign

Here’s a map of a LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST* campaign I ran many years ago. We had a dozen or so players, some of which played in every single game. Players had Cowboy, Lawmen, and Outlaw “posses”. Each had its pros and cons and their abilities would improve as the campaign went along. We had scenarios taking place all over the map from far north to across the border in the south. We even had a game where we all just played poker and used any winnings to bolster up our posses. My favorite part was gathering the “unbiased” account of each game as seen by characters after each game, via email. They were a hoot! I’d then send them out to everyone in a kind of newspaper report. Good Times! You never know, maybe I’ll do ‘nother one some day.

“Yeah yeah blah blah blah. Where are the buildings?” -concerned reader Sylvester Newel
They be a-comin’. Gotta take photos of ‘em, Pard.

* GW Warhammer Historical, apparently now out of print.
Until then…

OLD READERS QUIZTIME! Long ago before most of us were even born (1950’s and 1960’s), there was a whole slew of Westerns on TV. Here’s a photo of some of the ABC stars. How many can you name? What shows were they on? Bonus points if you can identify the character each played.


  1. Yea, I keep hearing it is gone, but I think they are about to revise it for another reprint.

    I love the game, simple and easy to play.

    1. Man, I hope you're right. We really got into it and had great fun. -d.

  2. Left to right ( I cheated ay Wikipedia, but I do remember the faces ansd some of the shows. I am old.) :-)

    1. Will Hutchins (Sugarfoot),
    2. Peter Brown (Lawman)
    3. Jack Kelly (Maverick)
    4. Ty Hardin (Bronco)
    5. James Garner (Maverick)
    6. Wayde Preston (Colt .45)
    7. John Russell (Lawman)

    1. Correctomundo! And you're only as old as you feel... and act. And I feel old some times and act like a kid all of the time. -d.
      (Sorry for the VERY late response. Yours never made it to my email and I only found it while perusing all the reader comments!)

    2. Later on, when Clint Walker came back to Warners, they airbrushed Cheyenne into those pics.