Tuesday, November 1, 2011


WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT: If you plan on shingling any quantity of roofs at all, you definitely should use this technique developed by Legendary Master Herb Gundt of HG WALLS fame. He shared it with me many years ago (as well as having it published in Wargames Illustrated) and it’s saved me countless hours of effort. It’s MUCH easier to glue on strips of shingles than to glue each one on individually…..one… at… a… time (=zzzzzzzzzz).
The first thing you need is the right material: Tree Wrap! Mine is made by Drainage Industries, 300 N. Lilas Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin 04514. Check the Internet for where to buy it. Basically it is a thin layer of tar trapped between two layers of thick brown crinkled paper (=no painting necessary!). This roll is 4 in. wide and 150 FEET long. That’s a LOT of shingles, my friend!

Cut 8” strips using a paper cutter, then mark the back of each with a marker since the front side and back side are a slightly different shade.

Next, make a simple jig and cut each piece into 5/8” strips. Each piece yields 6 strips. While you’re at it cut some thin strips that are around 1/4“. You’ll need them later.

Stack 10 strips together into a neat pack and staple a thin card “pull tab” to the back of one end. So far so good.

NEXT: Cutting slots in the packs.

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