Sunday, November 23, 2014

Details 5: Charms, Bits, and Gears

I've been hoarding charms, scrapbooking items, and gear shapes from Amazon and craft stores for use in detailing structures, whether they be Medieval, Steampunk, Modern, Sci Fi, or whatever. Professor Harrison discovered my stash and decided to share the best of them for your entertainment. He's that kind of a guy.

Note: I had to prop up some of the packaging to avoid reflections when photographing.
First off we have "eCrafty 1153". Holding his pipe, our Professor sees valve handles, lampshades, planters, a RADAR dish, and other intricate detail goodness coming out of this bag. Well, he would if he turned around.

Next we have my favorite bits from a "Pepper Lonely 30pc Antique Bronze" bag. I especially like the wing above the Professor's head (for a Viking tent or standard?) and the two skulls would be nice in a voodoo setting. Plus I'm sure his wife and kids will find use of the remaining "girly" bits (not shown).


Nice bits from "eCrafty 1152" (there is at least one of each still in the bag). The largest is concave and would make a great Shield of the Giants. Unfortunately, I haven't found much use for the remaining stampings in the bag. Yet.
The best so far, the excellent "Pepper Lonely 100pc Antique Bronze" batch. Unique bits like musical instruments, a hammer and a pistol. Ahoy! The nautical pieces would look great on some grog shop on a wharf, right matey? More of the same are in the bag although there's plenty left to give to the fairer sex.
From "Bead Landing 90pc Gears". Three shapes with three finishes each: steel, copper, brass. This is a few of the larger 25mm diameter pieces that come in the package…

… and here are the smaller 16mm diameter "gears". So many the Professor is getting dizzy.
I've had these for some time and didn't write down their info. I think they're from the Tim Holtz Ideaology series. Professor Harrison concurs.
"Spare Parts 456608 Vintage Gears" (left) and "647941 Mini Gears" (right). They're beautiful, thin stamped metal 30mm and 20mm in diameter and will make really nice windows.   BONUS: Packaging will make paint mixing cups once opened.

"Forum Novelty Steampunk Bag of Gears 66452". I especially like the large brass bit above the Professor's head as it would make a great window. Or maybe it's part of some kind of oh-so-important mysterious thermometric paragnostic astronavigational device. Or… (I can smell your brain already working on a use. Don't deny it!) The two little wheels to its right and the one below the label are also brass. The gears themselves look to be to be cast resin. Not shown, there's another complete set in the bag.
Lastly, we have "Steam Age Industrial Gears and Handwheels (O gauge and HO gauge) from Vector Cut". Also available are nuts/bolts, padlocks, tools, furniture, flowers, grating, and LOTS more! Even hamburgers, hot dogs and doughnuts! Although as thin as card these are beautifully detailed and quite useful. Look like they belong inside a gear-driven Steampunk contraption of some sort. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 
Hopefully, seeing all these really cool bits will spark your imagination as much as they've sparked mine!



  1. I just discovered your blog and now I wish I had seen it earlier - it would have been very useful before some of my own muddling about with terrain (especially an Old West town). Anyway - this is a great resource. Thanks so much - and of course, beautiful work.

    1. Thanks, Matthew! For me it's all about sharing ideas and techniques with fellow gamers. -d.