Sunday, November 9, 2014

Derelict Building 5: Terraining the Base

With the main shell glued in place and the removable side plugged in it's time for some terrain on the base. I made the balconies, set them in place, marked and taped off their locations where they would be glued to the base. I then added terrain to the base with Vermiculite, a few rocks, pebbles, lichen, plastic plants (Dollar Store), and such. Sealed everything with thinned matte medium, glued the balconies in place, added terrain at their base connection points.

Patio by front door made from Hirst castings.

Inside the barn. Notice I painted where the removable side sits before I added any terrain and there is a door on the left that leads into the main building.

All of the barn doors are removable.

THAT'S IT! Quite an involved project indeed!


When making multi-floor buildings I should have worked the design and construction TOGETHER. I didn't and had to make a lot of changes as I went along. Not only did I have to adjust each removable floor to match pre-cut doors, the barn's upper storage floor didn't align with any of them (so MORE adjusting!). Also, don't have awkward-to-get-at small rooms!


  1. One of the joys of this sort of thing is all the learning! Always adjusting!

    1. Yeah, you're right. Solving little problems like this is what keeps my mind working.

  2. This is so cool on so many levels! Have you sold it yet?

    1. Thanks! Haven't thought about selling it yet. -d.