Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old West 8: Cactus. Gallows. Boot Hill

Left are craft beads with tiny beads added as flowers. Right was made from a pipe cleaner. The barb wire fence is simply plastic screening nailed to small dowels with HO spikes.
These were all made with epoxy putty.

The upper left one is metal, the rest in the bunch are epoxy putty. The three on the right are plastic.

“Justice is finally served!”, announces Mesquite County’s Judge Fogey after infamous outlaw Billy “Rattlesnake” Poyzin has been captured, tried, and sentenced to hang. Billy is none too happy about the recent turn of events.

Homemade gallows. And, yes, it works…

“He’s dead, Jim”, Doc Lynch is told as he steps up to ensure Billy’s demise. Expect an eyewitness account of the entire event in tomorrow‘s newspaper.

U Plug ‘Em, We Plant ‘em.
A gravesite is visited by cowboy Troy Waites. There are no other visitors.

One of my favorite pieces, Boot Hill, made for me by good friend Thomas Foss of Skull and Crown blog fame.
NEXT: Put up yer dukes, an unfinished block, and an ambush.

“He died of throat trouble.”


  1. Wow- I haven't seen boot hill in a while. Time to paint up some ghost cowboys what come out of it.