Sunday, June 10, 2012

Old West 6: Merchants 3. Shacks. Up North

Lili is a smash hit wherever she goes. Next door mattresses are on sale… as usual.
The theatre is from the ERTL COWTON plastic set. I don’t remember what company made Shermerhorn’s building.

John Wayne is admired as a gunfight breaks out around the corner. Another ERTL COWTOWN building.

Shacks in the poorer part of town, all from the BACHMANN HOBO JUNGLE set. I don’t remember who made the broken down wagon casting.
HEY! Which one of you hombres placed the roof on the shack on the right backwards?!?

Up north where miners dwell the buildings are more rustic. Lo Pan and Heffe Gink do an brisk business. Heavy resin by TCS.
Lionel sells a lot of weapons and ammunition, especially during varmint season (which is pretty much all year long). All TCS.

Side note: I met the owner/manufacturer of TCS in his booth at a local con (Pacificon? Kublacon? Dundracon?) many years ago. As it turned out, he had worked in the Officer’s Club at the Quonset Point Naval Base in Rhode Island during the time I was stationed there aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid. Odd how things happen!
NEXT: Back at the ranch, then across the Border.

“So cold the cows gave icicles.”


  1. Looks great, I really like the Cowtown buildings. Hope you got a good price on em', I havent been lucky enough to find them cheap.

    1. Thank you, too. I was really lucky getting them. Years ago I was at Pacificon and got in an elevator to go to the flea market. Inside was a guy who had the boxed set on a dolly to sell. I bought it right then, $25 I think it was. Once in awhile I get REALLY lucky!

  2. Lillie Von Schtupp! That theater is first Class! Fantastic work Darrell!

    1. Thanks, pal! And I've got a great Boot Hill coming up in a couple that was made by one of my closest friends. You may know him and I'm sure you'll be impressed. -d.