Thursday, March 2, 2017

Medieval Ruins 2

These three pieces fit together...

This next piece has a removable top and shack...

 And treasure! The Mystical Shield of Thomar Nolper patiently waits to be found behind a small barrel.

Some scatter pieces I made for cover...

THAT'S IT! Time for YOU to make stuff!


  1. Wonderful and the treasure!

    1. Many thanks, Phil. None of it is difficult to do, just takes time. -d.

  2. You are a continual inspiration, my dear Mr. Empey!

  3. Make my own? I came here for fine looking pictures not a guilt trip :D . Seriously, some great looking projects here and I am actually in the process of expanding my repertoire and building terrain of my own. I've got you bookmarked and looking forward to perusing all of your articles. Excellent stuff. I probably needed a kick in the pants.

    1. LOVE the kitty photo, horrid! It's hilarious!
      Back to "business"... making buildings isn't difficult, just takes ideas, some materials, and TIME! The best way is to mass produce the pieces, making a bunch at a time: a stack of fronts, a stack of backs, a stack of sides, etc. Then glue 'em together, add details and paint 'em up. Although I use MDF most of the time for durability foamcore is a great alternative if you don't have access to table/band/scroll saws. It's inexpensive stuff, too. HINT: make extra buildings and sell 'em to your friends. Or eBay. Anywho, blah,blah, blah. -d.
      (Sorry for the late reply but your comment never made it to my email.)