Sunday, July 12, 2015

Steampunk Building Part One

Here's a building I made for Professor Offkilter of West Cogsmesh. He desired something fashionably steampunkish for his innumerable inventivenesses.

The shell was originally planned to be a medieval tavern.
I used the tools and techniques posted in TOOLS:: Circle Cutter, Segment Marker, Strip Cutter, Seamstress Ruler.

Making the card strips with rivets: First I marked the card with lines every 6mm, then cut a bunch of strips…
Using an awl I carefully and gently pressed into the card strips at the 6mm marks. When flipped over we have a nice strip with rivets.
The Professor requested round windows so round windows it is. I'll be using Bead Landing large and small "gears" (see METHODS: Details 5). The large gears are just a bit under 25mm. I used my Circle Cutter, Segment Marker and awl to make the "frames". They were sized so the inside diameter will cover the edge of the gear and the outside diameter is larger than the holes I'll be drilling in the building.

The window at the building's front peak is a bit different. I cut off a slice of 25mm inside diameter plastic tubing. Using my Circle Cutter, I cut a thick card ring that would match the tube's outer diameter, then cut its inside diameter to overlap the gear's edges. I then notched it for a bit more detail around the gear.

On the shell I marked where I wanted the strips to go, then used the window frames and their centers to mark where to drill the window holes…

Next I drilled their holes with a 25mm hole saw (large windows) and a 16mm Speedbore/Forster bit (front door doors).

I used Super Glue to attach the window parts together. I later hand drilled holes on the peak window, added pins for detail, primed all the windows black, and painted the metal parts brown metallic. The outer ring of the peak window was painted in steel.

Assistant Timmy waves Hello! I first made the chimney platform, then glued some alignment bits underneath to the roof so the platform could be "plugged in" once detailed and painted. I added chimneys to the platform, then temporarily it onto the roof and glued shingle strips around it. The strips were sent to me by my good friend Thomas Foss of Skull and Crown fame.

--- NEXT: More details and painting ---

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