Saturday, February 16, 2013

Walls 2: A Hole in One. Inset Bricks.

Similar to Walls 1 but this end will have inset bricks. A large area was marked out…

…then cut out. Note I didn’t cut across any timbering lines this time. Instead, the saw blade was temporarily loosened/disconnected from the saw, fed through a pilot hole I had drilled, and reconnected/tightened. The hole was then cut, the blade was loosened/disconnected from the saw again, removed from the hole, and reconnected/tightened to the saw. A bit of a time-consuming process but I only had a single hole to cut out.
The pre-painted Linka plaster brick piece was cut to fit the hole and put aside. The timbering was glued onto the wall and everything was primed flat black. The brick piece was then glued into place, insuring it was flush with the timbering.

Filler/paint applied. After drying, cracks were scribed in with an Xacto knife. As with Walls 1, I’ll give it its final colors sometime in the future.

The back side: Filler/paint used to fill in where the brick piece is, then painted neutral gray for now.

NEXT: Wattle and Daub.

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