Sunday, November 11, 2012

Linka 2: Building a Wall

I use Linka Stonework molds to make brick walls. After I’ve cast a bunch of pieces using dental plaster and sanded their backs (see METHODS Linka 1: Thickness Sander), here’s how I put wall sections together.
First, I need to connect them and fill in the cracks where the pieces meet, which is quite obvious here.

Note: When I first used the molds years ago I attempted to use resin instead of plaster. Unfortunately, the resin ate into the mold, hence the rough texture you see here. So much for THAT idea!

I turn each piece over and glued them together on a flat surface using glue on the back edges to minimize glue seepage onto the front.

Although probably not needed, I glued a small square of paper on the back for extra strength. Musta been in a fog when I took the photo.

Once dry, I flipped the piece right-side up and over-filled the joint cracks with neutral gray paint with spackling filler added. I then gently brushed the excess away with an old flat toothbrush, stroking at 45 degree angles.

When dry I painted the entire surface neutral gray.

I’m inspired by Alfrik’s post about speed painting bricks:
 I used a flat ended stencil sponge to apply a brick color, carefully dabbing and twisting onto the surface to avoid getting into the grout. Many thanks to Alfrik for this quick and easy technique!

Basil Hoch proudly announces to the world that a new brick wall section has been completed.


  1. Great stuff! Just tapped you for a Liebster award!

    1. Thanks, Styx! It's always nice to feel appreciated. I'll post my list of Liebsters when I can get a break from all my seasonal chores. -d.

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