Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quar 15.6: Finished Mounds

Mounds are all complete. Here's Mound 1. I first undercoated it neutral gray, then gave it a darker wash, then a highlight. Roofs were glued into position and numerous colors of lichen and flocking were added. I also mixed some Vermiculite (used by gardeners for potting plants) with white glue and paint and blobbed it on here and there for bushes. Covered the base in Mixed Turf.

Mound 1 entrance is a simple overhang, HIRST stone floor casting, and a bench for visitors and package deliveries.

S‘hard makes sure the door is securely locked.

Finished Mound 2. By the entrance is a bead pot and a sprig of dry foliage.

All of the rooftop gardens have lichen and various Vermiculite/white glue/paint plants (dabbed with splashes of flower color).

S’hard comes through a hatch to sit on a small stool and take a well deserved break.

Finished Mound 3.

Entrance and window. Pots are beads with HO scale plants.

Balcony and grounds inspection.

After all that continual and exhausting investigating, S’hard was only able to find a single suspicious item, an errant wanted poster strewn about. Obviously, his stellar reputation has scared off any would-be miscreants and he signs off on the completed project as being safe and sound.


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous pieces! My hat is well and truly doffed!

    Not only colourful, well made and very pretty to look at but you clearly thought the concept through in detail from beginning to end. A lot of thought and care, leading to an excellent result.

    Well done, Sir. Very impressive!

    1. Thank you very much, Colonel Doffed. The project was basically just looking at the insiration photo and trying to mimic the look as easily and cheaply as possible like we all do, right? Time, however, was not my closest friend since they took so long to complete. Next post will be their appearance at Pacificon 2012.