Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here’s a photo of my work table…
No, it normally doesn’t look this organized. I straightened it up for the photographers of Hobby Work Table Quarterly. The lamp set-up for photos is easily removed.

Along with the usual Xacto knife, rulers, squares, and such, here are some odd tools you might not be familiar with. On the left is a single razor blade holder, excellent for cutting long strips of balsa into shorter lengths. Next is a quilter’s gauge for quick and short measurements. The reverse side has different measurements as well. Got it at a fabric store, as I did the sliding ruler below (for repeated measurements 2-6”). On the right are two adjustable balsa strippers from my local model railroad shop…

     One stripper I leave set for 3/16 inches, my usual timbering strip width. The other I adjust as needed.

The stripper in action. If I’m using a bunch of the same height timbers I simply cut balsa sheet rows to the correct height (next photos), then slice off the strips and pile ‘em in a bin at the back of my work table.

I made this simple jig out of basswood for cutting those rows from sheet balsa. One side has 1-7/8“. Rotate it around and it’s 1-3/4” …

Flip the jig over and it’s for 4 inch wide ends/walls.

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