Friday, April 18, 2014

Large Euro Barn 4: The Finale

The action continues…

Mister Ree confronts Higby Bunko, unaware another thug approaches from behind. But Our Hero escapes… for the moment.

Director Priess goes over the upcoming tack room scene with his cameraman.

Tack room "door" is simply a rug photo from a catalog. The catwalks are permanent but the loft's center floor and tack room ceiling are removable.

Gareth goes over a scene with Toots Shreeker and Martin Blatherson (who plays Higby Bunko).

All of these bits and more were made using Hirst Arts molds #57, 58, 59, and 85.

Non-Hirst. Craft barrels, plastic chair, woodpile from a dowel (DETAILS 2) and homemade stool.

The final action scene takes place near the horse stalls. Mister Ree defeats the villains once again and…
MDF stalls were cut, painted and glued in place.

… the police finally show up, arrest the thugs, and release Patty Melt. Unfortunately, Higby Bunko manages to escape and speed away but fear not, Mister Ree is hot on his tail. THE END.     Or is it?

FILMCO STUDIOS would like to graciously thank Biff Liftim and crew of The Roof Removal and Helicopter Company for their arduous work during the overhead photography sessions of this film.

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