Sunday, April 13, 2014

Large Euro Barn 3: A Thrill a Minute

Heiress Patty Melt has temporarily escaped the clutches of lead villain Higby Bunko and hidden in a corner of the loft.
Gareth Priess discusses her upcoming love scene with Cheeselips the Rat (enthusiastically played by Mickey Squeekers). Immediately after the discussion, actress Toots Shreeker (Patty Melt) required a costume change.

Outside, Hero Mister Ree arrives in his Reemobile…
(A Corgi '30 Batmobile)

…climbs through a loft door searching for Patty Melt…

…but encounters a couple of thugs instead, who are handily defeated during the fight scene.

A quick lunch break is taken during which actress Toots Shreeker (Patty Melt) and actor Neal Down (Truman Gadfly/Mister Ree) take part in a short promotional film.

Barn and loft doors were made and attached (Hinges 2). Handles are wire glued to small bits of wood.

Mickey Squeekers celebrates his scene. Unfortunately the editors had to cut his performance from the film, deeming it too risqué for sensitive tastes.
------ NEXT: Bits and Police ------


  1. Boy, I wish my uncle had a barn... That looks outstanding, and as you said, can be used for so many time periods and scenarios. Just don't let her father catch you.

    1. I was fortunate, my uncle DID have a barn. Lots of fun investigating but never any girls. -d.