Thursday, April 10, 2014

Large Euro Barn 2: Shutters and Texture

Now let's talk about the barn's construction…

The barn's walls and ends have already been cut out but the window shutters were made BEFORE the walls/ends  were glued together (Hinges 3). First, I made a bunch of identical 5/8"x5/8" shutters on this jig. I decided to use long pins to lock them to the wall...

Next, a second jig with an outline of the shutter and a 1/2"x1/2" "plug". (The hole serves no purpose).
Plug glued onto the jig.

Before the walls were glued together I cut out 1/2"x1/2" holes where the shutters were to be, plugged in the second jig and drilled the pin holes.

On the inside trenches were ground out with a Dremel tool.

Now the walls/ends were glued together. Glued some individual card bricks on the outside here and there as well as around the barn door arch, then textured and painted the outside of the barn.
After cleaning out the pin holes, the finished shutters were inserted from the outside, their pins cut and bent into the trenches.
Trenches filled with wood putty. The inside walls were textured and painted (but no random bricks). TA DAA! The shutters aren't going to pull out from use!

The floor was cut to fit, wheel marks near door area were filed and scraped in. Floor was then sprayed painted tan and hay color was splattered on. 

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