Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DETAILS 2: Doors. Woodpiles. Jetties. Dormers. Sheds

Doors were made from scribed basswood with balsa horizontals, undercoated black-brown, and cut into individual doors and painted as needed. I use black wire to make handles, as well as small nails, craft jump rings, and HO gauge railroad spikes.

More doors. The center example is mat board and shows nice fine wood detail, made by dragging an Xacto saw across its surface.

Firewood is first cut from a dowel (1/2” in this case) that’s been scribed with an Xacto saw blade for texture, painted dark brown, and dry brushed light gray. The cut pieces are then “chopped” using a utility knife and glued/stacked into piles. Cheap and easy to do!

Lastly, an array of jetties, dormers, and small attached sheds. They add a lot of character to an otherwise simple box. The dormer sides are corner scraps from building end pieces.

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