Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CHUMLEY'S 3: Roof and Base

You already know how the shingling was done (if not, refer to METHODS, HG WALLS). I very lightly stained black-brown around the chimney (too light to really see in the photo), and drybrushed it light gray.
Well, there you have it, all ready for the game table…

Oh, Chumley just reminded me he would like a small plot of land to put his building on. Read on!

The base is 6-1/4” by 7“ by 1/8” MDF with sanded round corners and beveled edges, painted green.

First, I set the building on the base and drew a line around it. Chumley chose some details from the bit box and I set them where I thought they’d look good. The bush is lichen, the plants and wheel are plastic. The small bench is from scraps, The door stoop, bucket crates, and barrel are all HIRST ARTS plaster castings. The tools are metal from a set I got years ago.

The rear and other side. The stump is plastic, I made the ladder, the bucket is HIRST, and the barrels are craft store items.

Removed everything from the base and drilled holes for the two plastic plants (which would have been a real pain to do if the building had been glued down already!) I also drew where some gravel would go.
(INSERT) I super-glued the shovel on top of the crate and, after drilling two holes in the side wall, I glued in two HO model railroad spikes, then the scythe. The spikes also make great door handles, by the way.

Everything but the plastic plants and bush were glued in place. A thick coat of white glue/PVA was painted on where the gravel was going and the gravel was packed on and left to dry…

Brushed off the excess gravel and reclaimed it. Here’s the end result. Looks OK but a bit too “precise” for my taste. I’ll fix the problem.


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