Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CHUMLEY'S 4: Finishing the project.

I painted a thick coat of white glue/PVA around the gravel, sprinkled a bit more gravel around the path, and dabbed some glue here and there within the gravel. Then I applied glue everywhere else on the base (including the edges!). Finally, I packed WOODLAND SCENICS MIXED TURF on and let it all dry. I apply the turf over the tub I keep it in to help contain excess residue.

All dry and residue brushed off/reclaimed.

The plastic plant holes were cleaned out and they were glued into place with super glue, as was the bench.

SNOWTIME AT CHUMLEY’S? Naaah, I just painted on a coat of matte medium to seal in the grass and gravel and sprinkled on some dead leaves (Whole Sweet Basil from the grocery store spice aisle) and light static grass. While still wet, I glued on the bush and some WOODLANDS SCENICS EXTRA COARSE TURF weeds, then let it all dry.

The snow has receded and all’s right with the world. All that layering takes patience (so much drying time!) but the result is quite pleasing. Hey! Is that Chumley’s pet salamander, Crikey, lurking about behind the ladder?

Rear view. Chumley and family have moved in and are beaming with pride. They’re inside baking pies for their guests. Guests love pie.
If you’ve been making your own version of Chumley’s, sign the bottom. Show your new masterpiece to friends and family. Relish how impressed they are by your creative awesomeness. Sign autographs! Become a star! Try to fit your inflated ego through your front doorway.

THE END. Class is over. I’m tired.

Chumley earns a few extra groats at a weekend roadside fair near Fossmoor.

NEXT: Other details

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