Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quar 15.5: Sculptamolding

The finished rooms (other side, with temporary roofs), vent, simple outside door and side vent (HIRST Mold 321) have been glued to Mound 1. I then mixed SCULPTAMOLD Modeling Compound with water and a bit of black paint (so I could tell where I’ve applied it) and slathered the sticky stuff on with a Popsicle stick and fingers.

NOTE: Sculptamold takes a looooong time to completely dry! The mounds were left in the garage (nice and HOT… 90-100 degrees during the day) for an entire week before I did any further work on them.

Each of the vents is a piece of ¾” O. D. thin wall plastic tubing (used for sprinklers) with bits added. Mound 1 vent has an inner wheel from a cassette tape, some unknown bit, and plastic strips glued on, then painted a sandstone color. I’ll weather it later.

S‘hard eyes a suspicious looking hound lounging over near the scraps box. He later discovers it’s just his old pal Beans.

Mound 2 and its vent (I added Micro-balloons to the vent paint for texture).

Mound 3, its entrance, small window box and vent.

S’hard says, “These need doors and shutters for security. Can‘t be too safe, y‘know.”

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