Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quar 15.4: Roofs. Mound Shaping.

For the roofs I used 1/8” clapboard. For each I cut a set of four pieces with three or four rows for variety.

The pieces were end-cut at an angle and glued to a separate piece of mat board that was the same size as the top of the room*, then card corners were glued on. I undercoated the surface a dark blue, then painted on individual tiles a lighter blue. I did another blue set for Mound 2 as well as a set of dark/light red ones for Mound 3.

Lesson Learned: If I had been smarter I would have simply painted the pieces the lighter color and used a black .08 micro-marker to draw vertical lines to separate the tiles, then glued the pre-painted pieces to the under-roof. The roofs would have looked a lot crisper. Hindsight is 20/20.

* The completed roof assemblies will NOT glued to the room yet so I can paint and terrain the mounds without having to work around the roofs.

Time for the mounds themselves! I had some thick Styrofoam available so I cut some to approximate size, stacked the slabs up (temporarily holding them together with skewers), and used a WOODLAND SCENICS hot wire cutter to cut them to basic shape. Behind stands a piece of tubing I'll use for vents.

S’hard has slipped into his black stealthy wear to better fool any miscreants he might come across. Seems they’ve left the area, at least for the moment.

Mound 1 after it’s been defined with a TIPPI Hot Foam Cutter, and its slabs glued together. A great tool!

The TIPPI I used. The changeable tips are really handy, the square one being especially useful when I cut out the room notches.

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