Sunday, June 3, 2012

Old West 5: Lawyer, Young, Harry's, Ma Theney's, Bank, Marshall

“OF COURSE we can sue him!“, says the lawyer as dogs commiserate about the pitiful lack of cats to chase lately.

A gunfight breaks out in front of Ma Theney’s (an MTH plastic building).

Mr. Bana’s bank just opened a few minutes ago and it looks like it might soon be having an unsavory customer make a little ol’ withdrawal. Next door, tempers rise as one “gentlemen” accuses another of copying his attire for the day. A deputy looks on and gets ready to intervene.

The bank is by DOWNTOWN DECO (Hydrocal plaster). The Marshal’s is DPM modular plastic.
NEXT: Lili’s at the theatre!
“He was all ragged out in his fancy doodads.”