Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old West 7: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Down Mexico Way.

“Honey, I’m home!”, rancher Dave Poortack calls out as he returns home from a long, hard day ridin’ the range. He is greeted by his wife, youngin’ Jake, and dog Fritz. Mrs. P. tells him of her day spent in town.
Fritz is already drooling with anticipation as the missus begins preparing supper. Off-camera, Dave heads to the barn to put his horse away and make sure everything is ready for the upcomin’ dance. I suspect he’s gonna be a mite surprised when he opens that barn door.
Another handmade one with an interior. FRONTLINE and dollhouse furniture if I remember correctly (which is iffy at best).

After mucho tequila, locals leave the cantina to not-so-quietly discuss their differences. I don’t speak Spanish but I kinda think it might have something to do with the new Pomegranate Cactus smoothies being offered inside. But I could be wrong. (Foamcore buildings).

The argument continues over at Juan’s. This may not end well. El doggo investigates the end of the Ride-Thru line.

NEXT: Speaking of cactus. And a necktie party.

“Unexpected as a rattler in a bedroll.”


  1. Very nice. I'm not sure the couch fits the period tho...

    1. We boughts it at a used furn'ture sale at one of them thar fancy Cheecago hotels when we was avisitin' Aunt Mildred. -DP.

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