Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quar 15.7: 15mm Quar Invade Pacificon 2012

Stanley Stinnett helped run a “Screaming Quar” scenario at Pacificon 2012 in Santa Clara, California (August 31-Sepember 3). Brian Miller was kind enough to send photos. Here are the ones with the mounds in them so you can get an idea what they look like on the tabletop.

As the game gets set up Stanley calmly awaits the outcome of the some skullduggery going on at the other end of the table…

Pete Grose (right) tries to bribe GM John Sullins with some nifty new dice. But John has known Pete for waaaay too many years and laughs off the blatant attempt.

Troops deploy. Things are quiet now but that won’t last long.

As aircraft begin their barrage GM John calculates how many kill rings will be needed by the time they‘ve reached his end of the table.

Stanley pretends not to notice the tanks making a feeble attempt to sneak in from the side incognito as a wandering gaggle of geese (with eggs).

During the battle, a tank gets blasted. Note empty donut box in background. Mmmmmm… donuts…

THAT’S IT! Stanley says everyone but the Quar wearing white life preservers had a great time. The End.


  1. fantastic looking game and table! just starting into Quar, what brand of vehicles and planes did you use?

    1. I have no idea but will check into it and let you know. -d.

    2. Stanley Stinnett says, "The planes were from the Irregular Miniatures WW1 15mm line - they are expensive! The tanks were Blue Moon 15mm WW1 line carried by Old Glory 25s website. A couple of the tanks were Minifigs which are no longer available."

      I delved into the Irregular Miniature site and eventually found the NC113 Taube Monoplane in the 1870-1918 listing. -d.