Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old West 9: Boxing Ring. City Block. Interiors. Rugged Country

“Place yore bets, folks, place yore bets.” Lots of cash is wagered but members of the Ladies League are not impressed.

Another of my favorite pieces, a boxing ring, this one made by good friend Harry Womelsdorf. Man, I’ve got some talented, generous friends! This and the previous Boot Hill are treasures I’ll cherish forever.

“Why’s it takin’ so long?”, everyone wonders about the city block I never made a roof for. Maybe someday.

“These lines are intolerable!“ complains a patron. One of two interiors I made for inside action. Moveable inside walls.

For those interested, the Free Toaster is a stick.

“Drinks are on me, boys!” announces a newly rich miner.

Both of these interiors have fabric spray-glued to the walls and all of the furniture is moveable.

“Me and the boys were peaceably riding through the canyons up north on our way to weekly bible class when we was bushwhacked all of a suddenlike by some yella-bellied, mangy polecats!” At least that’s what was reported when the survivors returned to town. Of course, their enemies reported the exact same story.

Wallboard was cut up with a jigsaw and the pieces were scraped along their sides with a very heavy metal brush. They were then were glued together, had sand glued on, and painted to go with the mat.
NEXT: Skinny, ugly guys who don’t shoot none too well.

“Ridin’ a trail that would make a mountain goat nervous.”


  1. Darrell- that boxing ring is fantastic, and a game unto itself! You have to teach me how you model all those exclamation points on the figures.


    1. Yeah, Harry out did his ol' self. He even included painted fighters!
      Adding "on screen" comments is easy. When I download photos, they go into a PAINT format in MY PICTURES. Then I simply open each up and add whatever the subjects want me to say and SAVE. -d.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate your comments! -d.

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