Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old West 2: The Barn

Well, these photos didn’t turn out nearly as nice as they should have. The original plan was to take the photos outside so I’d have sufficient space but it’s been so dang H-O-T lately (90 plus degrees!), I had to take them on the dining room table with crummy lighting instead. Sorry, pards!

The figures are Foundry, Artizan, Dixon, and others. I made all of the signs in Inkscape.

“After paintin’ our tonsils with whiskey at Shotgun Harry’s back in town, me and some of the boys visited a local ranch to check out this so-called barn that can dance.”

The first Old West building I made. Thick card (mat board), with square basswood strips for some support. Used this method for all of the buildings I made. Unfortunately, they’re quite fragile. But you’ll soon see other more robust buildings made from kits, most of which are unfortunately hard to get. Close-ups of the cactus will be later.

The mat we played on is canvas painted with house paint. PLASTICOTE STONE TOUCH was then sprayed on and mixed grass sprinkled on. Finally, it was clear coated. I’m amazed that after all these years it was in perfect shape when I unrolled it!

Inside, the boys discuss the matter with ranch hands. “You galoots are all crazy”, everyone accuses their opponents.

The office and the stalls are moveable so everything can be rearranged as need be. The covered wagon is a pencil sharpener with the hole in the rear covered up. I found it at a gift shop.

Ahhhh, the roof! All made from individual shakes of thin card, before I learned the HG method. Took me for-ev-er to do.
“Don’t squat with yore spurs on!”