Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here’s a couple of gauges I made to mark where timbering goes on the building. Made them by gluing standard uprights and some long strips to a piece of paper, then cut out the “holes”. Flipped it over and glued it to another piece of paper, cut out the holes. Simple to make and strong! (I need to redo the funky photo.)

I made a sheet of standard window inserts in MSN Paint, then made a window plug-in so I don’t have to measure every individual window opening. For door openings I just use the door I’ll be using.

Sample boards are useful when trying out ideas. The one on the left was for testing shingle stain colors. the one on the right was for wall texture testing. and the bottom one was for testing wall filler as a wall texture.

NEXT: Simulating wattle and daub.

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